Yes! I do have a website!

So... you might have realized at this point that I have a website. I have had this site for a few months, but now I feel like I am at a good point with this site to fully roll-out this site and post EVEN MORE content!

Later this week I will be posting a shorter comic where I review a video game I have been playing recently. I might do more of these kinds of comics in the future, so keep an eye out if the concept sounds interesting to you.

A new Fairy Godmother will also be posted soon, but that won't be till after SPX where it will debut. Oh yeah, I'm also going to be tabling at SPX, but I'm going to post more about that when it's a little closer to that weekend.

So yeah, thanks for checking out the site! Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget to tell your friends/family/frenemies!